[27.11.07] Photos from Inner Destruction here

[27.11.07] Synthetic Winter Festival, Ukraine, Kyiv. 08.12.07. Club "EGYPT" start at 19:00. Error:Genesis plays.

[23.11.07] Dj Gargarroth plays at "GOTH'n'DANCE" event in Kiev 30.11.07. Club "Prime" start at 21:00


[07.11.07] Freak Piercing Party - 24.11.07. Error:Genesis plays.

[06.11.07] Link to our band's Forum on Ukrainian Gothic Portal has been added

[29.09.07] Event in Kharkov: festival "Inner Destruction" (2007), Ukraine, Kharkov, 16-17/11/2007 /more info/

[15.09.07] Dj Gargarroth plays at Event in Kiev: Gothic party "Halloween", 31/10/2007, Kiev, club "Queen Bee"


[01.09.07] Festival "Chorna Rada: Deti Nochi 4" 15.09.2007

[11.07.07] Dj Gargarroth plays at Event in Moscow: Gothic/industrial party "Rivethead Birthday"

[30.05.07] A lot of information about WGT 2007 there (including reports and photos of Error:Genesis perfomance.)

[29.05.07] Event in Kiev "Double Bithday Party". Error:Genesis plays.


[23.05.07] Interview with Gargarroth and Error:Genesis in Gothica magazine.


[23.05.07] Error:Genesis will play 8.06.07 in Kiev. More info soon.

[21.04.07] Error:Genesis and two more Ukrainian bands (Holodne Sonze and Komu Vnyz) are invited to play at the Wave Gotik treffen Leipzig. Thanks to gothic.com.ua and many other who helped in this. See you in Germany!


[10.04.07] We are playing at Tridens: Power of Trinity event supported by Tridens records and gothic.com.ua We are glad to present new Mcd "REDBUTTON" on this event.

[10.04.07] New Mcd is ready for now! Redbutton consist of four tracks for djs and listeners. Enjoy!

[1.01.07] Happy New Year! Good news! Error:Genesis plays at RIP Party in Minsk 17.01.07

Thanx to DarkBelarus.com and gothic.com.ua for support event! We are trio again from this gig. Alexander Morte joined the band. He is known with long time playing with bands in Ukraine and Belarus (Conquest, Stromhold etc.) He was well knowed as a guitar player there but he always dreamed to play keys. So now he is.

[23.11.06] Neformation Party in Moscow by I.K.I.L.L. Only Gargarroth and Joshua play. Selan is no more member of the band. Thanks for everything, but everything may change... It wasn't easy.

[30:07:06] Children of the Night Festival 3. Error:Genesis plays. Introducing new member of the band. Joshua Olsenberg (our sound producer) now plays the guitars from now.

Official webpage of the festival: http://www.deti-nochi.kiev.ua/

[30:04:06] WALPURGIS NIGHT - Read the report by MetalFront.Org

[12:04:06] WALPURGIS NIGHT: Gothic International Festival in Minsk, 30.04.06. (Click to enlarge.)

Click to enlarge!

[05.04.06] Starting from 2006 Error:Genesis is being produced & promoted by
Ukrainian Gothic Portal - http://www.gothic.com.ua

[30:01:06] Here is the flyer for the upcoming REPROCYCLE PARTY.

[20:01:06] The promised live performance of ERROR:GENESIS will take place in Kiev on the 12th of February in the action-club "Ring" on the presentation party of the Reprocycle Project.

[05:01:06] Greetings for all the alternative people from the ERROR:GENESIS. Happy New Year. Meanwhile we have prepared some presents for you - we've made a remix on the song of the project
T3R(www.t3r.aisthetikos.ru) - Meine Frau, and soon we'll present you this track. Along with ERROR:GENESIS the remixes were made by 9 groups from Sweden,Russia and Israel. More info on the official release of this single can be seen here - http://www.t3r.aisthetikos.ru/pix/frau.htm

And in February a new gig of the band will happen in Kiev. Watch the info!


[07:12:05] Cyberslave has left the project. That doesn't mean that the group will use no more guitars in their music. The work on the new album has already begun. Some new tracks are complete.

[25:10:05] The first appearence of Error::Genesis on stage has successfully happened! Thanks to all of the people who helped and supported the band on this gig. Links to reports and pictures from this show coming soon!

[20:10:05] New photos of our band added. See updated photo page at our gallery!!! Great thanks to our friend Dan for making our photos >>>

[20:10:05] - We've opened our site for you all. We always support interesting links and open for the banner exchange , so contact us and we'll talk about all kind of cooperations.

[20:10:05] New album is released with ERROR GENESIS "Final Destruction " name. Here you can read important information about our first album and our project. Howewer we still looking for label to re-product our first album for RUSSIA/BELARUS and Eastern Europe.



[22:10:05] - live show in LVIV (west UKRAINE) city at the SEX:DRUGS:AND:INDUSTRIAL Party with Ginger Snaps (Dark Electro band from Odessa). + famous gothic/industrial DJs from Kyiv and Lviv. You'll see AntiUtopia perfomance and conceptual selfmade videotrack. You can buy some [limited] CDs and first five fans get our 5 CDs free with ticket. Get in touch!!!

Wait for our live show dates in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Donetsk very soon...